UPDATE to WW3 Part 1
March to World War 3


July 2003


IRAQ - [This UPDATE is as valid today as it was in July 2003. The exception being that Saddam may have been captured and his sons may have been killed. But if those events did happen, it only serves to PROVE that Saddam was just a puppet and that someone else was pulling his strings!

For as of this date; the fighting has been ever ceaseless, and ever more soldiers keep dying.

      Also, even though Iraq's - Weapons of Mass Destruction - have NOT been found as of yet, NEITHER have they 'found' Iraq's hundreds of fighter jets, thousands of choppers, tanks nor troops,etc.

      Lastly, from the best 'Intelligence' we have been able to gather, it seems that much of Iraq's WMD was moved prior to this war - at least of the chemical and biological variety. It was trucked into Syria, then from there into the mountain tunnels of Lebanon. So Syria can maintain that it is: "clean".]

      This News Quote - "Full-scale flare-up of the Iraq War may be Imminent" by DEBKA-Net-Weekly Intelligence of July 11, 2003.

      "... We now know that the deposed ruler and his two favorite sons left Iraq for Syria on March 27 or 28... Saddam returned to Samarra [underground fortress city] with Uday and Qusay and headed straight underground. They took up quarters held ready by permanent military and technical crews."

      "... To this day, the manner of Saddam’s departure and return to Iraq is shrouded in mystery. Most puzzling, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military and intelligence experts, is the failure of US army and British and Australian special forces to locate and deactivate a subterranean network spanning dozens of square miles beneath Iraq’s heartland, along with its vast arsenal of munitions and weapons of mass destruction. This is just one more enigma for adding to the long list of mysteries surrounding the Iraq war."

      More about this list of mysteries after 3-additional paragraphs from this very lengthy article.

      "... On May 1, President Bush declared an end to armed hostilities knowing that Saddam and his sons were ensconced deep inside their subterranean fortresses with unconventional weapons preparing their counter-offensive."

      "... Since the underground complexes contain vast amounts of military equipment and munitions - enough to sustain months of fighting - it must be admitted that some of the elite units... are again under arms."

      "... DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources describe the functioning of the communications and transport links between Syria and Saddam’s military enclave as so well-oiled that they may be described as fully integrated."

      So it seems that Act 2 of this Iraq War is prepared for to launch within the next several years or so.

      Back to this list of mysteries surrounding Act 1 of the present Iraq War...     

1. Saddam's military never used their really state-of-the-art weaponry that they possessed - AND STILL DO POSSESS, unless it was shipped or sold to Iran or whomever.
2. The US has never accounted for; 325,000 Republican Guards - 275,000 regular army personnel - 100,000 Saddam Fedayeen nor the several thousands of Mojahideen (suicidally brave soldiers).


      As those who are informed already know, Iraq has 3-major underground citadel fortresses located 500 feet under the sand which are connected by highways wide enough that two armored personnel carriers can pass each other. Russians did the digging, as their tunneling equipment is the best in the world. Then most of the rest of the engineering was done by German, French and Chinese engineers. There are also many assorted underground bunkers, some can accomodate up to 50,000 troops.


3. The US also never recovered Iraq's 300 - 400 fixed wing jet fighters NOR the thousands of Hind assault helicopters.
4. Why did Saddam and Iraq not put up a fight, but only make a pretense of fighting... then suddenly vanish?!
5. Why did Saddam not destroy the major dams and flood Iraq from the north-east corner NOR pump crude oil out into the desert and set it ablaze?
6. Why did the Iraq army NOT blow up the bridges over waterways to hamper US troops?


      This list is just a few of the mysteries surrounding ACT 1 and Part 1 of this Iraq war.

      As we have stated previously in our prophetical series on World War 3; the Iraq War is just ACT 1 of the scripted World War 3.

      It now seems that preparations are slowly being made for ACT 2 of this Iraq war. And as also stated in our prophetical series on World War 3 -- the King Kong of the World a.k.a. the United States of America -- is to be destroyed militarily (eventually) and made to be just another monkey in the jungle.

      Think about this...

      Saddam makes a pretense of fighting the Coalition Forces, then strategically gives up Baghdad and the rest of Iraq. The Coalition Forces are then left to think that they have basically won.

      This leaves the Coalition Forces in Iraq, policing the country. Then Saddam (OR whoever is or will be in charge) sends some guerrilla troops around to pick-off a few soldiers here and there to de-moralize them.

      The Iraqi guerrillas are clearly trying to force the United States onto the defensive by attacking infrastructure and installations. If they can get the United States to guard all the potential targets, there will be no force available for offensives.

     THEN - (when the Illuminati orders them to) Iraqi troops come out of nowhere to strike.

      OR - suppose the U.S. and Britain move into Syria or attack Iran in continuation of this, "War on Terror". Then this Iraq whom was thought to be dead, rises out of the ground at the rear of these Coalition Forces. This could put the Coalition Forces in the vise that the Arabs were talking about when this war began.

      A move this surprizing and perplexing could be check-mate for game-1, but then it could force a nuclear match!

      But, as we have stated in the World War 3 articles, there would be a break in this Iraq War so as to declare a Palestinian State, before this Iraq War would resume again. There is also another hitch in the road to Global Occupation... parts of AFRICA, INDONESIA, and SOUTH AMERICA!

      The 'Y2K scare' was thrust upon the World, so as to force ALL nations and corporations of the World to up-grade all their computer systems to then state-of-the-art. THAT was done so that they could then integrate every computer into one computer system; for the One-World global government and economy.

      But this current hitch has to do with nations, specifically African, Indonesian and South American nations themselves, integrating politically and economically into the One-World global system and ideology.

      It seems that the Illuminati is in the process of getting the non-integrating nations, which are currently rebellious, under control. This needs to be done before they can annihilate the Arab nations as North Korea attacks South Korea with China overtaking Taiwan - which concurrently will be World War 3.

      But remember, it will NOT be World War 3 till Israel explodes into military conflagration with not only the Palestinians, but also Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt - the war alluded to in the book of Obadiah. This war is JUST before the Gog - Magog War that basically begins the 7-year Tribulation period of future history as found in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

      At any rate, these non-integrating nations according to the Illuminati One-Worlders, need jack-booted into "regime changes" so that compliant, responsive leaders (puppets who know the script) can be implanted within the governments of these targeted nations, so that they will aggressively join lock-step into the global New World Order.

      The people IN those nations don't have to be all squared-up... but the leadership HAS to be.

      The US now has troops in Afganistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Philippines, Indonesia, Liberia, etc. The UN has troops in Argentina, Columbia and many others.

      The US also has troops on the border of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

      The world is drawing ever closer to the planned and stage-managed appearance of the despotic One-World ruler, Biblically known as; Antichrist and esoterically known as The Christ, among many other names.

      "Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise...

      The time for action will have come."

- page 252, ‘The Armageddon Script ' by Illumnist author, Peter Lemesurier, published by Element Books or St. Martin's Press 1981.


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